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Small Dinner Party Pricing


Open for Small Dinner Parties (2 - 6) but with social distancing

Can be done with platters on a stationary table, or individual plates in a central area



We can also prepare food earlier in the day for you and your guests to enjoy later

Kitchen needs to be sanitized prior to us arriving.  Let us know

how you would like us to sanitize the kitchen prior to leaving 

Social distancing needs to be maintained



Thank you for your understanding



Set Pricing


4 courses: appetizer, soup or salad, main course, & dessert.

Guests choose from our extensive menus including beef, chicken, pork, lamb, & seafood,

plus appropriate side dishes. The host will work with the chefs

to create a memorable meal for everyone.


Please let us know of any dietary restrictions

so that we can prepare and accommodate the specific concern.




Dinner for 2          $375

Dinner for 4          $595

Dinner for 6          $795

Dinner for 8          $995

Dinner for 10        $1,175

Dinner for 12        $1,325



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