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What is the difference between your "Fresh Weekly"
and "Basic Service" plans?

In the Fresh Weekly plan we prepare a separate main dish for each number of days requested, and in the Basic Service plan we do the same, but prepare twice as much of each dish for use during the second week.  All items in the Fresh Weekly Plan are designed to be refrigerated (not frozen). 


In the Basic Service Plan, all meals are portioned and placed in the freezer to be used at your convenience, although if the client asks, we will leave a few dishes in the fridge to be used in the next few days.  Both plans are based on a single cook session.


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Does the food need to be prepared in my kitchen?

We are licensed in the State of Massachusetts as a service business and that license requires that we as a personal cooking service only prepare food in the safety of our clients' homes (or in an approved licensed cooking facility- this option works well for some of our corporate clients).  We do bring all of our own equipment and clean up completely after ourselves.  The cooking process usually takes around 3 to 4 hours.


We have a small kitchen, is that going to be a problem?

Not at all.  We have cooked in all kinds of situations and require a working oven, range tops, sink, & some counter space.  How we work each cook session is tailored to the specific kitchen.


Some members of our family are picky eaters; can we
choose meals everyone will enjoy?

We conduct a thorough client assessment to determine eating goals, likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc... as all of our meals are made from scratch we are able to tailor recipes to your preference and rely on your feedback so that we may fine-tune your meal choices. 


If I am on a special diet, or eating program? How will that effect my service?

Some of our clients choose to follow a specific eating program or a medically
approved protocol---for example, we have prepared menus using recipes from Canyon Ranch, Anti-Candida (Rotation), The South Beach Diet, Perricone, Suzanne Somers, Weight Watchers, & Structure House.  We would be willing to discuss any nutritionally-balanced program as a possibility for a client or would be happy to speak to your doctor or nutritionist regarding dietary goals for you or a member of your family.



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