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Local and National News Articles about Chefs Dennis & Christine

and Our Personal Chef Service




Boston 2013 Meatball Takedown


Cook's Illustrated judges "out of the box" award



Health Magazine Smart Cooking Gets Personal   


MSN.COM  (Special to MSN)- A Chef to Call Your Own



The Christian Science Monitor  Door- To- Door Gourmet  




Wellesley Townsman -  A Fresh Endeavor to Find a Substitute Chef is Big Success


Meridian In-Flight Magazine  Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinner



Mother's Little Helper - Heart Insight 2008




Eating Well  Personal Chefs Gaining Momentum among Families    




Taking It Personally -  American Personal & Private Chefs Association



Memorial Day Recipes - Chefs- Feed Your Passion


A Perfect Setting - Party & Event Solutions


Milford Daily News - Cooking with a Personal Touch



Starkey International - Out of the Office and into the Kitchen







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