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Yes, we are a vegetarian friendly personal chef service.  Whether you are Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian (eggs, dairy), Lacto-Vegetarian (dairy), Vegan (no animal products), or are a Semi-Vegetarian (sometimes include fish), we will follow strict guidelines for your specific lifestyle, and eating goals.  We include vegetarian choices with all our service plans.  You have the choice of Conventional or Organic Groceries- choose the plan that works best for you.



We find that more and more of our clients are opting for some vegetarian dishes in their eating plans, some because of health concerns, but mainly because they are wonderful dishes that are well-balanced and flavorful.  We have Vegetarian Menus with a wide range of dishes for each vegetarian option.  The menus are flexible and ingredients can be omitted, or added depending on your specific diet, If at all possible, The Chefs of A Fresh Endeavor will also convert recipes in any of our categories into vegetarian dishes.
























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Some Products We Use

(KEEN-wa) Ancient Peruvian grain with a slightly nutty taste, and very high in protein. One of my favorites.

Kombu- (KOM-boo) A wide dark green sea vegetable, used for soups, stews, and for adding flavor to legumes.


Kefir- (
KEE-fur) A probiotic fermented drink that supports a healthy intestinal ecosystem. Tastes somewhat like a cross between buttermilk and yogurt.


(TOE-foo) Soybean Curd.
The taste is somewhat bland but takes on the flavors of the dish, or marinade being used for the meal. Soft, Firm, Extra Firm.



(SAY-tan) A chewy meat like food that is high in protein. Made from wheat gluten. Great for chili, or stir fries.


(TEM-pay) Made
from cultured soybeans, and sometimes grains. Great to alternate with vegetables on skewers.



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